Cuaderno XV

Notas del «Pordenone» de W. D. Howells.

For in my own, he mused, is such a combat of devils,
That I believe torpid age or stupid youth would be better
Than this manhood of mine, that has aloft to discover
Heights which I never can reach!…

¡Bien vale el viaje a Florencia el ver el Curtins de Pordenone! Miguel Angel.

«We are only pencils God paints with». (Eso pensé, y escribí en horrendos versos, cuando muy niño).

Ah! We learn somewhat still as the years go.

¡Nay, then, not even the beauty
Which we had seemed to create, is our own! ¬
Were it not for the delight of doing, the wonderful instant
Ere the thing done is done and dead, life acarce were worth living
Ah! but that makes life divine! We are gods, for that instant inmortal.

I’ll ask Sansavin to supper.

Till I beheld no more the sausage legge. Austriart soldier
Where they stood on guard beside one door of the convent
I could make out the much be painted Biblical subject.

Hard by the Church of St. Stephen, in _________ beautiful Venice.

«Corruption wins not more than honesty.»

¿No han estado los hombres viendo durante miles de años el Mont Blanc maravilloso sin aludir jamás a él? Mapa hubo, publicado en 1570, en q. aún no se veía el monte.

Tu doctor

to stump tu wire
to mail to dine a friend to encore
tu walk another: llevar a otro a pasear

Lorgnetter Ultra-aguilismo
Biser Anglósofo
Ensoleiller Republicar

«Renegade» por «renegado», he leído en «The Sun», «Desperado». ¬»The Spread.gallicism?» en verso.

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